These are some of the positions I have held.

---  Owner, Valley High Studio in ABQ, NM.
---  Costume Director,  Oklahoma City Ballet for 13 years.
---  Art Director,  Cunningham Interiors in OKC, OK.
---  Owner,  Tattinger's Design Group in OKC, OK.

Artist Michael Jones

Keeping this place going is not something I can do by myself.  Many of you know my friend and business partner David Walch.  David is also responsible for the metal work and sculpture at the studio.  If there is  a technical or mechanical aspect of our business he's the guy that makes it happen! 

Another shout out goes to our 'shop rat' Louis McFeeters.  A great organizer, broom operator, sandwich maker and occasional chicken wrangler! 
All great things to have around the shop!

Shop Hounds

Fancy at the river watching ducks on the sandbar.

This is Blanca.
Shown her actual size.  lol

Shop Mousers

Bandito.  One of the boys. The parrot is JR.