We want to deliver and install/hang larger works ourselves whenever possible. 

Depending on the price, size, truck requirements, crating and shipping rates, your location or other factors it may be possible for us to do this.  Deliveries in New Mexico and surounding states or beyond are very normal for us. 

Sometimes you may want to come by the studio in ABQ and pick it up.  You may have questions about projects at your home or office and want us to look at the space for other design ideas or projects that you may have going on there.  We are flexible and want to make it happen!  

Many works on canvas are rolled and placed in tubes for shipment, then re-stretched and framed by a quality frame shop of you choice.  Framed works, art board or epoxy infused paper are shipped flat of course.  We are experts in crating and packing our products! 

We do ship smaller glass works with confidence thru UPS or USPS.  Large panels of carved glass we typically transport ourselves.   We know how to crate and ship an 8' long carved glass project and we know you will appreciate it when it arrives  for your installation or phase of construction in one piece!

Pottery and fused glass works also ship well thru UPS and USPS.