PATIO JUNE 2016         
Painted steel TRIBAL TOTEM is 8.5 feet tall!  What size  feet would you be interested in?  Some we have installed are over ten feet tall! 
Single images, faces or animals,  of  these are way cool when scattered around your garden or yard. 
One request for these GARDEN TOTEMS  was for a T-rex. 

LARGE SCULPTURE  Steel with painted patena finishes. 
THE ARCHER, 36x36  is a dimentional piece with water lilies erupting from the base with hidden frogs.  To the far right is FLIGHT, 36x14.  Hard to see but just behind in the middle are BOOM SHAKALAKA, 36x14.   Prices range from $150 to $225. 
On the stool in the middle of the picture is a bare steel sculpture we called POSEIDON,  36x24.  Bare steel finish is $375 and you may have a painted finish as well.

Paco A Paco Patio at the  San Felipe Street Gate