We have 2 shows booked for 2018!  
Sat May 5th 2018 Cinco de Mayo folk art festival at Farm and Table .

Sat July 22  Central Avenue festival at Stone Mountain Bead Gallery.
4008 Central Ave SE


Closing the Old Town gallery was  so sad. Sales were great and the location was cool but the Old Town area just died when the street closed. 
It will be back on Central Avenue after the  ART Bus project is complete, which  is only a year behind schedule. 

Albuquerque, New Mexico   87105           505.985.4765
Gallery Hours are  By Appointment

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The cranes have returned!   You hear them long before you see them arrive in late October.  They winter for 5 months from this area to northern Mexico.  We have captured our interpretation of them for 2018.  They come in a variety of colors or unfinished steel.   These are produced by order. Unfinished they are 48.  Patena as shown  are 65.